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Chapter 2

Tell No One!

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In the previous video on Chapter 1, we saw Jesus, the Messiah of Israel, was being hidden in the Old Testament scriptures. And with that, we saw the scriptures that spoke of the Messiah were not known as being prophecies. The prophecies themselves were also being hidden.

In this chapter we move from the Old and into the New Testament. We will see that just as the identity of the Messiah was hidden in the Old Testament, the identity of the Messiah continues to be hidden even in the New Testament.

When we think of Jesus and His ministry we tend to think Jesus widely and publicly proclaimed everywhere that He was the Messiah of Israel. However, if you look at what He actually said and did, you will see it is just the opposite!

Welcome to Chapter 2

Tell No One!

Special Note:
The end of this video has a very special message for women, and about the God who created them.

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