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It’s Not as It Seems

A Game of Hide and Seek

There lies before us the treasure of kings, of unimaginable wealth. Hidden by God Himself in the clefts of the rocks, it remains protected from those who would seek to steal and plunder.

To obtain such a treasure, what would one pay?
For something of such great value, what could one offer in return?

Would they give a thousand for a million; a million in exchange for two?
What could they give for a treasure of immeasurable cost?

A treasure is for those who find it.
The treasure is free… if it can be found.

It’s Not as It Seems – A Game of Hide and Seek, is the map to unspeakable riches.

The treasure is immense. Like sand to the shore, so will these riches be to you. You will neither be able to count, nor consume. Riches greater than diamonds and pearls are yours for the taking; you only need to find them!

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Randall Barton
Author, Speaker and Evangelist, Randall Barton provides critically clear insight into what Jesus actually taught and what it means for us today personally and for Christianity.

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