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Welcome back! This is the second video in the series introducing the new book,

It’s NOT as It SEEMS.

This video presents an overview of the book and its chapters. So, what is the book, It’s NOT as It SEEMS, about?

There are things about Jesus’ teachings that are not the way we think they are.
Things are NOT as they seem. We will see that there are things that have been intentionally hidden by Jesus,

This book looks at what Jesus said, and how He said it. It looks at what He did and how He did it. And we will see that we took some of the things Jesus said for granted and we missed what He was actually saying.

Jesus did tell us something was hidden.
Jesus told us, “Something is hidden, that will become evident.”

But that is not the way He said it. Instead, He said it this way.
He said, Nothing is hidden, that will not become evident.”

See Luke 8:17 NASU

Watch the video, see what Jesus actually said.
Watch the video, see what It’s NOT as It SEEMS is all about.

A Very Special Note:
This video also contains a recent crucial prophetic message from the Lord for America. America today is at a crossroads. Hear what God Himself has to say to America.