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Long, long ago, in a not-so-distant heavenly realm, there was held a meeting of Three. A plan was created, the details were sealed, and then it began…

The earth was formed.

Before we came into being a plan created explicitly for us was set in motion, the details of which remain concealed to this day. It was created in our past, and secured for our future.

The realm in which we now live is merely a partial reality of the domain in which it resides. What we are able to perceive is but a subset of what actually is. Things unseen in this realm shine in the next, with only a thin veil that separates.

A bountiful beauty of the unimaginable awaits us, of things too wonderous to describe. These were hidden, protected and reserved for the heirs; the heirs of the kingdom.

There are likewise on this side of the veil, things that have been hidden from view; concealed not from us, but rather, for us. Until now, these things have remained unseen. Now they are to be made known!

The things we perceive, are not truly as they are.

Welcome to…

It’s Not as It Seems

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