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About the Book


It’s NOT as It SEEMS takes a critical closer look at what Jesus said. Discoveries have been made not just from what Jesus said, but also in how He said it.

For over 2000 years these things have been available for us to see, but we did not see them…

An experienced hunter or guide is able to see animals hiding behind the trees and brush. The experienced hunter knows what to look for. Whereas others who are inexperienced would not see the animals at all, they would see only trees and brush.

But if that hunter quietly whispers and points towards the animal and tells them what to look for, then even those who are inexperienced will see that animal. And once that person has been shown what to look for, that new hunter will then be able to easily find the animals on their own.

And that, is exactly what It’s NOT as It SEEMS does. It whispers in your ear, points and says, “Look over there, behind the trees…”

It’s NOT as It SEEMS looks behind what Jesus said. It looks behind what Jesus did not say. It shows you what to look for. And once you are able to see what God has hidden, it will never be hidden from you again!

Things are not as they seem. Christianity is never going to be the same again!

It’s NOT as It SEEMS

By Randall Barton